• IT and Business Consultation
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Computer/System Diagnosis
  • Networking
  • Security/Surveillance System
  • Information Management
  • Troubleshooting & Repairs

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Business solutions that not just propose solutions but actually solve problems!

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Your company's size is irrelevant. We have IT solutions that fit any enterprise.

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Is your organization healthy? Is it maintaining the growth rate you envisioned?

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Welcome to CompuServiceX Corporation

Every business has two options - to Fast Forward or be Phased Out. We know you want to do the former and we know that your first question is HOW. CompuServiceX Corporation has the answers for you.

Let's connect the gaps in your company and create a streamlined business plan that enables you to get the most of your start-up and/or expansion investments. Our team may be made up of IT experts who display prowess in network solutions and can speak in different programming languages but we speak YOUR language during service deliver, whether it's sales, marketing or manufacturing. We match the intimate business operations of your small company as we are also able to broadly conquer the challenges of medium sized corporations. In our business, we literally mean it when we say that size doesn't matter because our services can be tailored to fit any type of organization.

Be the competent company that you are and take part in the global changes initiated by Information Technology for businesses today. Call us at 832-998-8886 to speak with a System Administrator or a Software Engineer at CompuServiceX Corporation.